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  • "A Well-Dressed Man Leaped Ashore": Tracking Culture and Place on the Columbia River through David Thompson's Eyes

    Discover the adventures of explorer, fur trader, and mapmaker David Thompson in Columbia country in this illustrated presentation by author Jack Nisbet.

    Thompson created the first accurate picture of the northwest region of North America in his maps. Nisbet is the author of Sources of the River: Tracking David Thompson across Western North America.

    This FREE public program is sponsored by the Center for Columbia River History, a consortium of Washington State Historical Society, Portland State University, and Washington State University Vancouver, created to promote the study of Columbia River Basin history.

  • Not for Gold or Adventure; Only for the Love of Surveying

    "Chaining Oregon: Surveying the Public Lands of the Pacific Northwest 1851-1855”

    “Chaining Oregon” is the first comprehensive history of the early surveyors of the Pacific Northwest... read more

  • Willamette Meridian Retracement
  • Washington - Idaho Boundary Retracement near Post Falls
  • International Boundary Monument No. 5
  • Willamette Stone Remonumentation
  • State of Washington Centennial Celebration

    - First PLSS monument established
    - First DLC monument established

  • William Ives Hiking Trail - Olympia
  • Sucia Island Lighthouse and Mineral Monument
  • NE Corner of Washington Remonumentation
  • SE Corner of Washington Remonumentation
  • "David D. Clark, Narrative of Surveyor and Engineers in the Pacific Northwest" by Jerry Olson
  • David Thompson Bicentennials 2007 - 2011
    North America's Great Surveyor

    - 2009 David Thompson Bicentennial Conference / Registration
    - 2008 David Thompson Brigade Site


For questions or more information, please contact Patrick Beehler.

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