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International Water Boundary Resurvey
by David Steele - 2002

Guide Meridian Retracement

Bicentennial Retracement of the Willamette Meridian

Baldwin Solar Chart

Donation Land Claims

GLO Information

GLO Surveyors of Washington and Oregon

The Late Great Puget Sound Meridian
by Denny DeMeyer

Isaac Williams Smith: Surveyor of the Puget Sound Guide Meridian
by Denny DeMeyer

Kimball Webster: Early United States Deputy Surveyor of the Oregon Territory
by Denny DeMeyer

Campbell versus Hawkins: The Sometimes Stormy Relationship between the American & British Commissioners to the 1857-1862 Northwest Boundary Survey
by Denny DeMeyer

“A VERY FINE DAY”, “Off On Discovery” with David Thompson
by Denny and Delores DeMeyer


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